Partner Firms

NRCP’s Partners have significant previous experience with each partner firm.  When needed, Partner Firms can help fulfill the broader needs of NRCP clients.

Depending on the needs of each client, NRCP occasionally leverages its relationships with other Partner Firms (PF’s) to gain specific subject matter expertise.  This PF expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following services and disciplines:

• Private / Venture Equity
• Commercial Banking
• Investment Banking / Management
• Information Technology
• Legal
• Advertising / Media

• Human Resources
• Employee Benefits
• Audit
• Tax
• Payroll
• Real Estate

Partner Firm Disclaimer

NRCP Partner Firms (PF) contract directly with end user clients.  NRCP takes no responsibility for the legal, financial and/or operational relationships between client and PF.  NRCP makes no representations or warranties regarding either client or PF; any such information, due diligence, or protections are the expressed responsibility of each client and PF.

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