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Change Management

NRC’s Partners have highly sensitive cultural antennae which enables their quick and accurate assessment of an organization’s potential responses to change. Today’s environment is one in which changes come from many different directions. Evolving policy, legal, financial, and regulatory environments are driving changes that disrupt culture and therefore organizational performance. NRCP can help organizations develop the ability to respond effectively to make them stronger and ready to tackle the next, inevitable rounds of change.


  • Implementation of new policies and management practices

  • Management shake-ups

  • Absorption issues following a variety of M&A activities

  • Introduction of software to more effectively manage labor, inventory, etc

  • Menu development necessary to remain relevant in a changing industry

Organizational Enhancements

NRCP and its network of existing and former executives can help strengthen your team.  We can help you determine the needs of your organization at the very highest levels and identify, locate and contact suitable personnel to build your team.  NRCP also has considerable experience as interim management aiding a transition, or during financial turmoil that will help you and your organization pass through and support your existing team as needed.


  • Board membership, Advisory or Formal
  • Interim executive management
  • Executive recruitment through our network

M&A Advisory

With Wall Street experience and numerous transactions in the private and public markets, we will help you through this often confusing process.  NRCP works with private equity companies looking to acquire operations – companies looking to acquire franchisees, or secondary concepts. We work to develop a successful strategy based on the owners needs and life cycle.  We identify targets to acquire, or sell to and determine an apt valuation.  We then make the appropriate introductions to third parties in either a buy/sell engagement.  We will anonymously contact identified targets and acquirers to test the waters on strategy and valuation, providing market feedback and advising on the structure and terms of a final transaction.



  • Strategy Formulation
  • Sale and Purchase Introductions
  • Segment Analysis and Strategic Direction
  • Target Analysis and Valuation
  • Anonymous Contact with Targets
  • Negotiation and Contract Advice

Note: NRCP is not a broker and will not represent you as a broker and will take no percentage fee of a transaction.  NRCP accepts advisory fees only.

Concept Growth

Looking to grow your company? We have extensive experience in developing rapid growth and capital deployment plans.  From ensuring the development of a unit economic model that generates an acceptable ROI, to formulating and explaining the core differences in capital and management deployment between corporate store growth and franchising, NRCP has capability to help any size organization.


  • Strategy Formulation
  • Unit Model Economics
  • Internal Development
  • Financing Advisory & Introduction
  • Franchising Advice, UFOC drafts

Optimize Existing Operations

Over the years, we have operated numerous concepts in multiple segments and can help you and your team develop, integrate and manage accountability from the unit level to the C-level.  From the top line to the Middle of the P&L (Food & Labor) NRCP will be personally involved in creating the systems, the tools and education to ensure success.


  • Optimize Operating costs – Labor costs
  • Turnaround/Re-organization/Re-engineering
  • HR planning and assessments
  • Brand positioning

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